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We are experts who help you focus on aging well, through the ups and downs of managing chronic illness and navigating the maze of health care services and insurances. Positive Aging Solutions offers a wide range of eldercare services, products and seminars that deliver service excellence at the best price.

The Founder

Kathy is a pioneer and practitioner of ground-breaking and emerging approaches to aging—approaches that view the aging process as a natural state and not as a disease. Her methods examine the many influences on aging from maintaining health to  improving quality of life when living with chronic conditions. This transformative approach centers on identifying and shifting the way we think about the aging process, assisting with informed choices and changing the way we use health care services.

Managing Complex Conditions in Home Health

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Too High a Price to Pay

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Kathy remains a force in the healthcare and eldercare industries. For the past 15 years she has practiced as an RN Community Case Manager and consulted to various businesses and providers on elder care issues.

As a certified case manager, certified chronic care professional, published author and regional speaker, Kathy has an indepth knowledge of health care, aging services, insurances and service options (those to choose and those to avoid).

These innovative programs provide a refreshing approach to education by taking complex material and information and translating them into easy-to-understand concepts. These seminars and workshops become experiences with many practical takeaway ideas, products and books.

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Continuing consolidation, changing payment models and the push to work together across family units, various providers and care continuums remains a challenge for all health care providers, payers and families. Services include onsite workshops, embedding care management techniques based on project management principles, mapping patient flow across the continuum with a focus on results and communicating through various digital and web based technologies (client and provider levels).

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